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Improve Your Offer and Reach Your Goal!

The norm: You are a busy professional assigned to develop a plan or proposal for a new project, model or program. You want to craft a winning proposal that gets the highest ratings possible.
Our unique services: We can help you achieve your performance goal. We have never seen a proposal that could not have been better! 1)We start with a thorough review of your charge, the PWS or grant announcement that you are responding to; 2)We conduct a thorough technical review of your working draft and align it with the rating criteria and specifications in the announcement; 3)We provide a detailed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal, by task or technical review criteria; 4)We provide extensive improvement recommendations; 4)Finally, we'll review and evaluate your cost proposal. In short, we provide an exhaustive, independent, objective, and scientifically-based peer review. The results of our assessment will provide you with the guidance you need to help you strenghten your proposal into a winning offer. We can provide a 48 hour turn-around. Our on-site services include working directly with your writing team, day or night!
What we don’t do: We do not write proposals. But we do guarantee that after we work with you, you'll have a winning proposal in your hands. 

Ask the Expert! I have over 33 years of experience in procurement design and peer reviews of proposals for small to very large grant and contract awards at the federal government level. We also specialize in reviews of waivers, teacher evaluation strategies, and school improvement plans. Call or send me your questions about our services. My team includes highly experienced, recently retired federal senior education analysts. 

Our fees: The base fee is $750.00 per day for on-line reviews. The fee for on-site reviews is $1500.00 per day, plus travel expenses. (50% of the fee is payable 10 days prior to start date.)

 Timelines are short and the competition is fierce!